Cool Recovery Cool Recovery

Customer Feedback

“Receiving cryotherapy during your period can make menstrual pains feel lighter. (Female in her 20s) ”

“You can burn a maximum of 800 calories in one session! (Male in his 20s) ”

“You can feel healthier in just 3 minutes. (Male in his 30s)”

“I have been suffering from ED for the past few years, but I regained my confidence while doing cryotherapy. (Male in his 40s)”

“I've been receiving cryotherapy treatment to help me recover from hangovers and to reduce swelling. (Female in her 30s)”

“I wanted to work on my mental well-being while I go through the stress of menopause. My family says that my skin looks younger and more glossy. (Female in her 40s)”

“I'm so grateful that cryotherapy helped to shorten the recovery period from my recent cosmetic surgery. The swelling and bruising disappeared immediately. (Female in her 20s)”

“My sleep quality has improved, and I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. (Female in her 70s) ”

“My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for many years, but cryotherapy improved my condition and enabled me to finally have a long-awaited baby! I still continue cryotherapy after giving birth. (Female in her 30s)”

“When traveling abroad or after returning home, cryotherapy helps me to eliminate jet lag. (Male in his 50s)”

“I'm a bodybuilder and I feel that cryotherapy has helped me gain muscle mass faster. (Male in his 40s) ”

“You can burn up to 800 calories in a single session so I’m using Cryo for weight loss.”

After your body is cooled with a Cryo Therapy® session, your base metabolism is sped up, so your overall body temperature increases after treatment. By combining Cryo Therapy® with training, exercise is more effective due to increased blood flow and sweating. Many customers also notice improved sleep and, in addition to weight loss, rejuvenated skin.

“It helps to speed up recovery from muscle soreness and bruising.”

Cryo Therapy® quickly reduces inflammation thanks to the sub-zero temperatures experienced in the Cryo Cabin and it only takes 2 to 3 minutes to improve the body’s natural recovery process. Many of the world's top athletes have adopted Cryo Therapy® as a way to speed up recovery from injury and fatigue and improve their training performance.

“Cryo Therapy® eliminates jet lag.”

Due to its promotion of blood flow, Cryo Therapy® has also been adopted by business travelers as a means to combat jet lag. If you only have a limited number of days available at your travel destination, Cryo Therapy® can help you to spend your time comfortably, free of the symptoms of jet lag.

“I use Cryo Therapy® for recovery from a hangover.”

The detoxifying effect of Crypo Therapy® may increase trips to the bathroom, but the headaches and fatigue caused by a hangover will be reduced thanks to increased blood flow and the removal of toxins.

“After Cryo Therapy®, I feel more motivated and my mood and mental clarity is greatly improved.”

During Cryo Therapy® the body produces endorphins, resulting in improved mood and mental clarity. Clinics around the world actively use Cryo Therapy® as a treatment for depression and as a form of dementia therapy.