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Cryo Skin®︎

Cryo Skin®︎

Cryo Skin®︎
Cryo Skin®︎

℃RYO TOKYO® NEO (Azabu Kyowa Building salon) is the only salon in Eastern Japan where you can experience the latest CryoSkin®︎ technology from Europe and the United States. CryoSkin®︎ is an innovative treatment that utilizes sub-zero temperatures to naturally break down fat and cellulite, enhancing microcirculation and collagen levels for healthier and more vibrant skin.

℃RYO TOKYO® NEO (Azabu Kyowa Building salon) offers two types of CryoSkin®︎ treatments: CryoSkin®︎ Slimming and CryoSkin®︎ Toning. These groundbreaking treatments target specific areas of concern that may be challenging to address through diet and exercise alone. Clients who also utilize NEO Light or Cryotherapy® often notice quicker and more effective results.

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CRYO SKIN®︎ Slimming CRYO SKIN®︎ Slimming

CRYO SKIN®︎ Slimming

CryoSkin®︎ Slimming is an innovative treatment that removes fat cells through a freezing method, reduces cellulite, and slims down areas that are difficult to address with exercise alone, all without leaving scars or requiring downtime. By alternating between holding temperatures and low temperatures, fat cells are broken down without pain and are naturally processed through the body's lymphatic system, leaving no damage. This popular treatment allows for both improving skin complexion and body shaping in one session.
*One CoolSculpting session consists of 5 treatments, with a 2-week interval for each treatment on a single area.

CRYO SKIN®︎ Toning CRYO SKIN®︎ Toning

CRYO SKIN®︎ Toning

CryoSkin®︎ Toning is a natural anti-aging treatment that reduces fine lines and lifts the face and neck. Since the introduction of CryoSkin®︎ in the United States, it has rapidly gained popularity as an alternative to Botox in cryo salons and cosmetic clinics. Applying low temperatures naturally increases blood flow and collagen production, tightening pores and reducing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and redness, resulting in a rejuvenated and toned appearance.
*For each targeted area, one treatment cycle consists of five sessions with a one-week interval between sessions.


Cryo Skin®︎ is a delicate application of cold temperature to the skin, similar to using an ice pack. A light gel is used to protect the surface of the skin and our professional technicians are sensitive to customers’ comfort throughout the procedure. Many people find Cryo Skin®︎ a relaxing, spa-like experience.

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