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Here is the reservation page for ℃RYO TOKYO® NEO (Azabu Kyowa Building salon). For reservations at ℃RYO TOKYO® (Main Branch), please refer to [this page].

Reservations are accepted via email, phone, or official LINE. (For same-day reservations, calling during business hours is recommended.) To prioritize reservations, we kindly ask all first-time visitors to make a reservation. For new visitors, a first-time counseling session, questionnaire completion, and blood pressure measurement will take approximately 15 minutes. If you're in a hurry, we also offer card payments via email in advance. While walk-ins are possible for repeat customers requesting Cryo Body or NEO Light (including both sets), reservations are appreciated for CryoSkin services. The number of Cryo Body sessions in a day is limited by the remaining liquid nitrogen gas. Once the gas is depleted for the day, Cryo Body sessions will end, even during business hours. Therefore, same-day visitors are encouraged to make a reservation for guaranteed availability.

For interviews and photography requests, please contact the following email:

Our establishment is a Cryotherapy specialized salon operated by the Japan Cryotherapy Promotion Association (a public interest incorporated association).

Our certified Cryotherapists, trained in the United States, assess individual lifestyles, environments, ages, and genders to provide personalized advice on Cryotherapy and menu options. From top athletes competing worldwide to women and even first-time clients, you can feel confident using our services.

Cryotherapy is available to individuals except for pregnant women, those with high blood pressure, heart disease, mental illness, and cancer patients.
NEO Light Therapy is available to individuals excluding cancer patients.

*NEO Light Therapy is an advanced health and beauty treatment at the forefront of American wellness. It offers comparable benefits to Cryotherapy in just 10 minutes, making it suitable for individuals who cannot undergo traditional Cryotherapy.