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America’s Latest Ice sauna America’s Latest Ice sauna

America’s Latest Ice sauna

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Cryo Skin®

℃RYO TOKYO® (Main Building) also supplies cryo-related equipment under the management of the Japan Cryo Therapy® Promotion Association. At our salon, we only offer carefully selected, safe and easy-to-operate equipment such as the latest American-made Ice sauna and Japanese Cryo Showers. Our salon also acts as Japan’s window to popular equipment such as Cryo Spot and Cryo Skin®, imported directly from the United States. Currently used in Japanese beauty salons, dermatology, acupuncture, moxibustion, osteopathic, hair loss and dermatology clinics to name a few—overseas Cryo Spot technology is also actively used in gyms and sporting events.

We accept the following inquiries at any time:
・If you are a new business interested in offering Cryo Therapy® please feel free to contact us for a Cryo Cabin equipment sales consultation.
・Information on Cryo Skin® provided by the Cryo Therapy® Promotion Association has a wide range of benefits
・Applications for Cryo Therapy® training seminars for individuals and new businesses interested in offering Cryo Therapy® are accepted at any time.

* For details, please contact us via our inquiry form with your company name, name of the person in charge, telephone number, desired product to be introduced, installation location and planned introduction. We will respond to you shortly.