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NEO Light Therapy

QCan individuals with high blood pressure undergo NEO Light therapy?
AYes, it is safe for individuals with high blood pressure.
QIs NEO Light therapy suitable for pregnant women?
A Yes, it is possible. However, we recommend undergoing the therapy comfortably until the fifth month of pregnancy when lying on your back is still feasible.
QHow many sessions can be done in a day?
AYou can have one session lasting for 10 minutes per day.
QWhat should I do if I want to change the light color during the session?
APlease choose one color at the beginning, as changing colors during the session is not possible.
QIn what condition should I receive the therapy?
APlease remove all clothing except underwear (women should wear a sports bra). Remove socks, jewelry, watches, and any other precious metals.
QCan I listen to music or use my phone during the session?
AThe use of electronic devices is not allowed in the NEO Bed, equipped with extensive LED lights.
QWho will operate the NEO Light therapy?
ANEO Light therapy is a self-service procedure. When opening and closing the lid of the precise equipment, please do so slowly and carefully. Ensure the lid is fully open at the end of the session.
Q I usually don't wear underwear. Can I undergo the therapy completely naked?
APlease wear the provided disposable shorts at all times.
QCan I keep my eyes open during the session?
APlease keep your eyes closed and wear the provided eye mask.
QIs there an age limit?
AThere is no specific age limit as long as individuals can understand the staff's instructions and can lie quietly on the NEO Bed for 10 minutes.
QWhat happens if I undergo NEO Light therapy after cryotherapy?
AThe speed of body temperature recovery and activation increases, leading to additional synergistic effects.
QIs NEO Light therapy as cold as cryotherapy?
ANEO Light therapy uses extensive LED lights, providing a warm sensation rather than a cold one.

Cryo Therapy®︎

QCan I use Cryo Therapy® while on my period?
AYes, Cryo Therapy® is a popular way to reduce menstrual pain and cramping.
QWhat should I bring to my treatment?
AWe provide gowns, socks and gloves necessary for treatment. Only underwear is worn throughout treatment, sports bras and swimsuits are also OK (please don't wear bras made with any metal).
QIs it possible to receive Cryo Therapy® treatments while wearing makeup?
AYes, both Cryo Body and Cryo Facial treatments can be received while wearing makeup without any change in results.
QHow regularly should I receive Cryo Therapy®?
AIt's safe to receive Cryo Therapy® daily. Effects are said to last 48 hours after a single session. If you want faster results, we recommend Cryo Therapy® twice per week or 4 times per month. The more regular your sessions, the more effective the results.
QIs it best to experience Cryo Therapy® before or after exercise?
APre-workout Cryo Therapy® sessions increase sweat production during exercise, so it is recommended for those looking to lose weight. The world's top athletes have already adopted Cryo Therapy® to improve their performance. Post-workout sessions reduce muscle soreness and inflammation and aid in faster recovery from injury and fatigue.
Q I'm considering Cryo Therapy® for pain management. Your website says that silicone is OK but what about saline implants?
AYes, silicon implants and saline implants are both OK.
QWhat is the process for Cryo equipment purchase consultations?
A When visiting the store regarding a machine consultation, we also offer a Cryo Therapy® experience. The Cryo Therapy® experience is offered at the standard menu price but we offer a discounted experience upon contract signing.
QMy trainer told me not to cool my muscles too regularly. Is it OK to receive Cryo treatments every day?
A Yes. During Cryo treatments, only the surface of your skin is cooled for 2 to 3 minutes. Unlike an ice bath, Cryo treatments do not cool your body’s core. Instead, after treatment, your body will burn calories as it rebalances the temperature of your skin. At the same time, blood flow and collagen will be increased, improving your skin’s appearance. The world’s top athletes also use Cyro Therapy® to improve their performance before important matches, and quickly recover from injury and muscle soreness.
Q After cosmetic surgery, I was told that I should refrain from exercise and bathing in order to avoid overheating my body. If that's the case, should I receive Cryo Therapy® to increase my blood circulation or not?
A It’s OK to receive Cryo Therapy® after surgery. During a Cryo Therapy® session, any and all inflammation that exists as a result of cosmetic surgery can be quickly and simultaneously treated. Many overseas cosmetic surgeons also offer Cryo Therapy® which, when used in conjunction with Cryo Spot, has been well received by our customers due to its ability to reduce post-op pain and recovery time. Athletes attending our salon also enjoy quick relief from bruising and other sports-related injuries.
QIs it possible to receive Cryo Therapy® if I have dental implants?
AYes, Cryo Therapy® only cools the surface of the skin so dental implants are not a problem.
QHow often can I receive Cryo Therapy® treatments?
ADepending on your goal it is possible to receive treatment every day. Individual results may differ so please consult with us during your counseling session.

Cryo Skin®︎

QHow does Cryo Skin® work?
A We offer two types of CRYO SKIN® treatments - CRYO SKIN® Toning and CRYO SKIN® Slimming.
CRYO SKIN® Toning is a natural anti-aging treatment that reduces fine lines and lifts the face and neck. Since the introduction of CRYO SKIN® in the United States, it has rapidly gained popularity in cryo-salons and cosmetic surgery clinics across the country.
Blood flow and collagen production naturally increase with the application of cold temperatures, tightening and rejuvenating the skin, reducing redness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
CRYO SKIN® Slimming is a new and popular treatment designed to burn fat cells, reduce cellulite, and slim areas that are difficult to target with exercise alone. Our professional therapists, trained in the United States, apply alternating hot and cold temperatures to target areas, painlessly breaking down fat cells which are naturally processed by the body's lymphatic system, generally disappearing immediately. This treatment has gained popularity in the United States as a simple, painless and timesaving alternative to procedures such as liposuction which require lengthy recovery periods. We recommend avoiding sugars and carbohydrates for 2 hours before and after Cryo Slimming sessions in order to maintain your metabolism.
QWhat is the purpose of Cryo Skin®?
A Toning
Improves circulation, promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation, tightens pores, improves skin quality and reduces the appearance of redness, acne and other imperfections.
Focuses on target areas such as the stomach and jawline which are difficult to slim with diet and exercise alone. While diet and exercise can broadly reduce fat cells, CRYO SKIN® Slimming is an easy and efficient method of pinpointing areas of concern with immediately visible effects.
QWhat are the benefits of Cryo Skin®?
A Cryoskin treatments have 3 main benefits: toning, slimming and skin rejuvenation.

Toning occurs as a result of thermal shock and instantly improves circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite and producing healthy collagen. You can almost immediately notice the anti-aging effects of toning after a single session, and full results can be noticed one week after treatment.

Slimming occurs by freezing fat cells in target areas. When these fat cells are frozen, they are naturally cleared from the body by the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. This is a natural and non-invasive way to lose fat instantly with full results visible 2 weeks after treatment.

Furthermore, your skin is rejuvenated with cleaner, tighter pores, improved circulation and reduced cellulite and stretchmarks. This is one of the largest benefits of Cryo Therapy® and can be experienced as a result of either a Cryo Skin® Toning or Cryo Skin® Slimming treatments. Although individual results differ, skin rejuvenation results are best seen when combining Cryo Skin® treatments with 3 to 5 Cryo Body sessions.
QWhat are the side effects of Cryo Skin®?
A Aside from a slightly cold sensation, both Slimming and Toning treatments have little to no side effects. In some cases, a slight redness may occur on the skin for 30 minutes to 2 hours after treatment.
Fat cells which have been destroyed during treatment are passed through the urine, so you may urinate more than usual the day after the procedure. We recommend that you refrain from consuming carbohydrates and sugars for 2 hours before and after the treatment so that your metabolism is not slowed down.
QIs Cryo Skin® Safe?
A Toning
Toning is perfectly safe however, we recommend waiting at least 30 and 60 days respectively for those who have recently undergone thread lift or botox treatments before receiving a Cryoskin® Toning treatment.
Cryo Skin® treatments are generally safe for those in good health although they may be unsuitable for people with certain conditions. Unfortunately, we cannot accept reservations for Cryo Skin® if you have cancer, severe diabetes, Raynaud's syndrome, cardiovascular problems, if you are pregnant or if you have post-operative scars that aren't yet fully healed.
QHow long does it take to achieve results?
A Responses to Cryo Skin® treatments vary from person to person, but most people notice results shortly after the first session and the more sessions you have, the better the results.
While individual results vary, best results are generally seen after 5 sessions. If combined with Cryobody sessions, results will be achieved sooner and your next treatment will be possible after one week. The blood cells in your muscles will be cooled during treatment, promoting increased blood flow which will result in tighter and brighter skin immediately after each session.
Best results will be seen after 5-10 sessions, depending on the individual. Results for each session peak once the body has metabolized the targeted fat cells. Lasting results depend on your diet, lifestyle, and individual response to Cryo Skin®︎. For the best results, please refrain from consuming carbohydrates and sugars for 2 hours before and after treatment to avoid slowing down your metabolism and consider speeding up your metabolism with exercise.
QHow often can I receive Cryo Skin® treatment?
AFor the most effective results, we recommend waiting at least 2 weeks between your Cryo Skin®︎ sessions. Cryo Therapy® destroys fat cells, and your body needs to process these cells naturally. Adverse effects such as hypothermia and fatigue can also occur as a result of overuse. However, Cryo Skin® Toning sessions may be able to be performed one week after your previous session. Please consult with one of our professional therapists to discuss the date of your next treatment.